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Ruby Soho Radio

Our comprehensive 300.000 title playlist allows us to create the perfect music playlist for your establishment. DJ Fred is continuously working on adding new titles. All titles are tagged and come with their respective album cover image.

We have some smart, energetic, passionnate and very hardworking team members.

Paul Euvrard

Accoustic Engineer

Fred Serra

Music playlist designer

Years of experience in the music industry allows DJ Fred to create the playlist you dreamt of.

Our comprehensive playlist has all the major great music titles of the last 5 decades.

300.000 titles to select from


Music ambience study


Titles diversity


Acoustic analysis


Huge playlist

With 300.000 titles to choose from, in every music genre, we will construct for you a great customized music playlist.

Ambience study

We will study your establishment atmosphere, customizing your playlist to fit your patrons expectations in term of music.

Titles diversity

Each custom playlist contains 4000 to 6000 title and can run during 2 weeks without repeating twice the same song.

Acoustic analysis

Analyze of your place's acoustic, noise reverberation and sound propagation to maximize the musical background impact.

Playlist Samples

Classic bar blues


Eating French

Jazz background


Pub mood

Ristorente Italiano

Relax Soul

Tapas and co

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