How to create your music playlist - First approach

Published the 3rd Feb, 19 in the Tips and tricks category

Downloading music on the internet is your playlist creation backbone. It’s not always legal, but the music format beats online stores one’s by far.

Music is accessible everywhere for free...

Maybe like me you had spent a lot of cash to buy your favorite albums when you were young.

I’m an old guy and my first ones where vinyls, tapes arrives after and CDs.

Music stores online like iTunes changes the way to buy music and today the music market is terrible and everybody download music for free on Pirate Bay or alternatives.

I’m not an angel and I won’t say than I don’t use this way... I use it a lot and I also download on Pirate Bay some album I bought on iTunes.

Why??? or why not?


Why do you need to download high quality music files

Just because most of the music stores don’t propose high quality files such flac, and I like to have the best sound possible.

I don’t buy music anymore... It’s terrible I know, but this way let me the possibility to discover new stuffs and artists.

As you can see on our page, we work hard on a radio station and by this way we pay a global amount allows us to play everything we want.

Yeah, I’m legal... I think...

How to create your music playlist - First approach













Anyway, let’s forget this royalties problem and focus on music, we will talk about this in another post.

To be concrete, after over 30 years to learn, collect and listen to music, I have good ears.

Accumulation of music is one thing, but the number of files can become a problem.

Organized library will change your life if you have a big music collection.

This website is for you if you want to arrive to perfection.

I work on this since longtime and today I can manage this 300 000 songs (well selected) library.

On 300 000 songs, only 50 000  appears in play lists.

Today, you can download music faster than listening to it. That’s why a good process is necessary for not loosing time and efficiency.

First, find your way to choose and download what you want.

I am an eclectic music lover.

Rock, Funk, Soul, Metal, Punk, Reggae will be my favorite, but because I use my music library in a public place (a bar), I need to extend my downloads to Pop and other stuffs.

Mean, I won’t download only what I like or I know, but I try also to discover and find what others will like.

What will make a difference is our own taste and experience?

If you don’t make choices, you can download all the music in the world and you will face a bigger organization problem.

If like me you have a big music library, you don’t know every song you have.

My way is to collect and grows this library, then organize it.

In the following posts, I'll explain my way to do it.

From the download choices to the final organization, we will have specific posts to share our experience in this website.


Fred Serra

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