Music playlists everybody needs to have

Published the 24th Jan, 19 in the Tips and tricks category

Make your custom playlists. Certain moods need soundtracks. When you’re sad, or excited, or making out, a certain kind of music can elevate the experience.

If you have particular music tastes, playing one of Spotify’s prefab playlists doesn’t scratch that itch. You want a custom playlist, first crafted in a few minutes, then honed over years. Here are the five playlists you should prepare for yourself.

Pump Up the Jams

This is your workout playlist, if you work out. Otherwise it’s your general adrenaline-rush playlist, for when you’re headed to the second party of the night, or you’re just frickin’ pumped today.

Your goal here is no skips. Because once you skip one song, you will skip five songs, and you’ll break the mood. So keep this playlist trim, and if you start skipping a song every time, kill it.

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