Ruby Soho Saigon bar playlists... and decoration

Published the 7th Feb, 19 in the Tips and tricks category

Organizing a huge playlist by genre, mood or to fit your need is essential. That’s what I did for Ruby Soho, and man, does it rocks! Here are tips for you.

Numbers is nothing compared to a good organization.

Music Library without good tags is useless.

Good tags will make your library useful and easy to manage.

Looking for a song? Easy to find by title, artist name, album or album artwork?

Today my library is near 300 000 songs, all in high quality resolution.


Organizing play lists, by styles, with folders, by moods, or day time

  • Afternoon Folder including several playlist: 20 000 titles perfectly selected played in a cool mix without hard or  uneasy songs. 

Pop-Rock, Soft Rock, Funk-Soul-R&B, Reggae, Lounge-Lounge Hip Hop, Easy Jazz, etc.


  • Evening folder including several playlist: 30 000 titles good for fun hours. A perfect mix of mainstream music, golden hits and treasures, for music lovers and others...

Hip Hop, Funk-Soul, Rock, etc.


After, according to your atmosphere, we can create other folders.

For example, if you ROCK hard: Rock-Classic Rock, Punk, Metal-Hardcore, etc.

LOUNGE: Soft Pop, Cool Electro, Cool Hip Hop, Soft Jazz, etc.


I display album artworks and covers on a separated TV screen so everybody can see the played song detailed informations.

Customers can easily requests a title and add it to the queue with an iPad or directly from their phone.


A good decoration according to your music styles, will give you the proper image.

At Ruby Soho Saigon bar, our walls are a patchwork of printed images and frames where you can always discover something new.

We have our style, but we can easily adapt the concept to your own taste.

These are mere glimpse at what we can do.

We will adapt to your concept, and stay within budget, to create the perfect atmosphere to suit your concept and your expected clientele.


We can provide full music services, including, but not limited to:

  • Full music library 
  • Music and Movies videos separated library (connected or not to the sound system)
  • Decoration 
  • Marketing, brand design, web communication.
  • Sound and video technical support 
  • Your own online radio
  • Possible remodeling suggestions to improve your atmosphere and business.
  • Remodeling team


Contact us for further details by clicking here or at [email protected]

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