Stars ratings and cleaning rules... FIRST approach 

Published the 8th Feb, 19 in the Tips and tricks category

Use stars rating to give a level to your songs. When you have a lot of songs, it’s necessary to see quickly what is already organized and what is not.

Using stars for songs rating

With this way you will also create a smart playlist by genre and rating 

But be careful with a huge iTunes problem Apple calls “albums rating.” I hate this stuff.

iTunes create album ratings based on your own ratings, it's stupid because in one album some songs can be good and some not.

The big problem with this, it's that this new iTunes ratings will mess up your smart playlist organization.

By luckily an iTunes script from the genius Doug Adams exist to solve the problem.

I made a specific post about it.


Also, for the songs already tagged with TuneUp, one comment will appear.

Let comment visible will allow you to see quickly the songs already cleaned.

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